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Cloud Architects are Choosing Flash for Industry’s Largest Clouds

Deliver High-performing B2B & B2C Cloud Services

The Cloud Service Provider landscape – Hyperscale, Consumer Cloud, B2B, Telco, and Private Cloud – continues to evolve towards innovating services for elastic infrastructure, SaaS & business-critical applications, and consumer-oriented services. For cloud services to prosper, the appropriate storage infrastructure building blocks must be leveraged to enable high-performing and differentiated offerings. Cloud service providers can leverage the broad SanDisk® portfolio of flash storage solutions for infrastructure scalability and performance, along with the ability to control CAPEX and OPEX. 

"Flash performance, density, and scale enable a better total cost of ownership."

Laura DuBois
IDC Research Vice President, Enterprise Storage, Servers and Infrastructure


Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for dynamic provisioning and better cloud economics

Operating IaaS at scale and efficiency places high demand on storage infrastructure to accommodate the highest level of tiers of services. SanDisk flash solutions accelerate automated IaaS provisioning and affords better cloud economics through access density.

DevOps & PaaS

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for innovating, next-generation applications

PaaS and its ecosystem of microservices, containers, and DevOps stands to gain when flash technology can be leveraged to address elasticity of services demand. SanDisk maintains a purpose-built portfolio of flash storage solutions to address the random I/O of PaaS within compute cluster management systems.


Analytics-as-a-Service for pay-as-you-go Hadoop batch job services and NoSQL-based event driven architectures

Analytics-as-a-Service enables attractive “pay-as-you-go” hourly services for enterprise customers to leverage big data analytics instead of on-premises CAPEX investments. SanDisk flash storage, with its inherent ability to process batch job processing for large data sets, can allow for cost-effective infrastructure through operational efficiency and reduced server footprint. Pay-as-you-go Hadoop batch jobs and NoSQL-based applications can leverage shared SanDisk flash storage pools enabling services offerings based on performance and capacity tiers that can scale independently.

Object Storage

Infinite unstructured data for primary storage use cases

Object storage for primary storage use cases has its challenges to address latency performance, replication eventual consistency, erasure coding, timely access to custom metadata, and operational efficiency.


Omni-channel e-commerce spans the shopping experience across B2C customer touch points, including online, mobile, social, and in-store to B2B application integration

Cloud-based commerce solutions for B2C and B2B for omni-channel require the delivery of static catalog content, transaction processing, and customer segmentation analytics. To achieve e-commerce at high levels of brand satisfaction and excellent customer shopping experiences, SanDisk provides a portfolio that ranges from static catalog content to the low latency requirements of transaction processing and real-time analytics.

Data Lake-as-a-Service

Data Lake-as-a-Service: Big Data Processing and Analytics in the Cloud

From raw data to actionable insight through analytics, cloud service providers that offer enterprises Data Lake-as-a-Service provide an infrastructure for massive capacity to process very large volumes of data through Hadoop. The SanDisk portfolio for Data Lake-as-a-Service enables better data throughput capabilities beyond traditional, on-premises storage for faster ingest/write speeds at high-volume, high-velocity raw data.


Simplified relational database and NoSQL setup and time saving in the cloud

Database-as-a-Service is only as good as its low latency for structured transactions to performance and scale for eventual consistency of NoSQL. The SanDisk portfolio ranges from specific offerings for 99.9% QoS to multi-petabyte scalability for server-side storage solutions.

Media Streaming

Excellent VoD or audio-on-demand customer experiences with reliable, high-performance media streaming to any screen

Media Streaming at scale depends on sustained throughput from storage and cloud economics. Monetization of streaming services is made easier with SanDisk purpose-built flash solutions that range from SATA devices to disaggregated storage.


Internet of Things (IoT) back-end operations – NoSQL, event-driven architectures, and Hadoop – for descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics

IoT sensor and other data that is sent and filtered through IoT gateways to data centers for descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics will leverage SanDisk flash storage for NoSQL persistent data stores and accelerated Hadoop map reduce jobs to transform many industries.


Better online gaming customer engagement through analytics for customer insights and object storage performance

Identification of high-value customers and execution of contextual marketing while delivering excellent customer gaming experiences through scalable and high-performing object storage are key to online gaming monetization. Analytics accelerated by SanDisk flash storage enables cross-selling opportunities while flash-based object storage performance enables critical gaming functions, e.g., up-to-date leader boards.

Mobile Apps

Mobile devices are the hub of brand experience, commerce, and personal productivity

Consistent application performance and data throughput at massive scale are the basis for flash storage performance on which today’s mobile apps for banking, commerce, and personal productivity depend. Because apps range from shopping to the viewing of static content, no single approach to storage can address all possible workloads. Adding the need for customer analytics, flash storage to accelerate contextual marketing is imperative for today’s top brands.


Content Delivery Network (CDN) for continuous delivery in the digital era

Today’s content releases happen many times a day to meet demand for application and website delivery cadences for digital business. Reliance on yesterday’s technology that was originally designed to cache static content affects customer experiences and time-to-revenue goals. For today’s DevOps and WebOps release paces, along with security/DDoS monitoring and real-time analytics, SanDisk for flash-based CDN enables providers to match storage I/O demand with available network bandwidth.

Telco OTT, SDN, and NFV

Telco Over-the-Top (OTT) digital ecosystems and the era of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

Telco OTT next-generation platforms to deliver and monetize digital content is key to enterprise digital business transformation. Along with OTT, through SDN and NFV, providers are able to leverage SanDisk flash storage to reduce latency and to maximize server utilization at wire speed.

Private and Hybrid Cloud

Private and Hybrid Cloud for business agility, on-demand computing and data & application portability

Implementing private and/or hybrid cloud is a services-oriented endeavor that affects storage I/O patterns that are vastly different from traditional IT.

Though in-house IT organizations may not have to build on the scale of public cloud offerings, nonetheless, expectations for the ability to respond with agile compute resources on demand is similar to public cloud.

IT organizations embarking on on-premises cloud projects are able to leverage the same SanDisk flash storage portfolio used by leading public cloud service providers. SanDisk data center products can enable cloud-like infrastructure for operational efficiency for a services breadth that may also include data and application portability via hybrid cloud.

Software-Defined Storage

Software-Defined Storage (SDS) for business agility and on-demand computing

Flash storage, as the underlying storage of SDS, is instrumental in application response time, replication efficiency, and node density. Without flash, more nodes may be required to achieve system-level performance and an increase in operational requirements to troubleshoot latency issues.

SanDisk maintains a diverse ecosystem of software-defined storage partners to enable cloud architects to have the flexibility of a SDS strategy.

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