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SanDisk Supplies Thales Navigation With Secure Digital Cards For Industry's First Line Of Technology-Independent, SD-Based GPS Receivers

Jan 9, 2002

Thales Decision To Incorporate Industry-Standard SD Card Slot In New Magellan Handheld GPS Receivers Marks Opening Of New Market For SD Card

LAS VEGAS, NV, Jan. 9, 2002 - SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ:SNDK) announced today that it will supply SD Cards to Thales Navigation for the world's first handheld global positioning system (GPS) receivers designed to use the popular new flash storage memory cards. The decision by Thales Navigation to incorporate slots for SD Cards in its GPS receivers signals the opening of a new market for SD Cards which are mostly used today in handheld computers, digital cameras, camcorders and MP3 music players.

The announcement was made at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) where SanDisk is showing products in its booth (#11511) and also in the SD Card pavilion (#10536).

Jeff Ellerbruch, product marketing director at SanDisk, said, "Thales decision to standardize on the SD Card as the removable storage card for its new line of GPS receivers is a significant step for SanDisk. In the past, most GPS systems have used various, proprietary storage cards. Thales is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of navigation, communications and guidance equipment and we applaud their selection of the SD Card."

Randy Hall, director of consumer marketing for Thales Navigation, said, "Our new Magellan Meridian™ series is the first line of GPS handhelds to offer SD Card capabilities that enable our customers to expand their flash memory and store significantly more routing data on their GPS unit than they could before. By using industry standard SD Cards, Thales Navigation offers its Magellan customers a more flexible GPS solution, greater ease-of-use, and a convenient way to take more of the critical mapping and routing data they need with them."

The premium line of new, high-performance Magellan Meridian waterproof handhelds includes the Meridian GPS, Meridian Gold, Meridian Marine and Meridian Platinum. GPS systems are used in numerous professional and personal activities including boating, hiking, surveying, fishing, hunting, aviation and vehicle tracking and navigation.

The new Magellan GPS receivers come equipped with extensive built-in U.S. map data that is stored in embedded memory ranging from 2 to 16 megabytes (MB) in capacity. Thales offers consumers the removable SanDisk SD Cards as an accessory as many GPS users require additional map data and need sufficient storage capacity to store the data. SanDisk SD Cards, which are sold in more than 38,000 retail stores worldwide, are available in capacities ranging between 8 and 128MB.

(The GPS system is a constellation of 24 satellites that orbit the earth twice a day. These satellites continuously broadcast high-frequency radio signals containing position and time data, enabling anyone with a GPS receiver to determine their location anywhere on earth.)

Thales Navigation, headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, combines the former Magellan Corporation (now Thales Navigation Inc.), Thales Navigation S.A. of France, and their subsidiaries. Brands include Magellan, MLR, Ashtech and Thales Navigation, with products in the consumer electronics, recreation, professional and automotive markets.

SanDisk, the world's largest supplier of flash data storage products, designs, manufactures and markets industry-standard, solid-state data, digital imaging and audio storage products using its patented, high density flash memory and controller technology. SanDisk is based in Sunnyvale, CA.

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